DUH! New Study Shows Criminals Don’t Follow Gun Laws

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently released a survey conducted to learn more about criminals and their use of firearms.

The study proves exactly what we already know: Criminals don’t follow gun laws.

According the DOJ’s report, roughly 290,000 prisoners had possessed a firearm at the time they committed a crime.

Of the 290,000, 6% stole the firearm, 7% found a firearm at another crime and a whopping 43% bought the firearm from the black market.

Gun grabbing politicians believe that we can stop criminals from getting guns if we  limit access to firearms via “Common-Sense gun reform”.

However, Gun-owners know that gun laws only hinder law abiding citizens, not the criminals.

No amount of “Assault weapons bans” or “waiting periods” will stop thugs and criminals from getting the guns they will use for crime.

In addition, the study found that only 0.8% of criminals obtained a firearm through a gun show.

Politicians have wailed about a “gun show loophole” and how we need to end gun shows completely.

Data shows that most criminals don’t obtain guns through gun shows, rather illegally off the street.

Regulation is just another word for taking away law abiding citizens’ freedoms.

You can read the survey conducted by the DOJ HERE.