Constitutional Carry Legislation Introduced in Georgia!

Kennesaw, Georgia — “Constitutional Carry” legislation — House Bill 2 — has been introduced (or “pre-filed”) at the Capitol in Atlanta.

If passed and signed into law, State Rep. Matt Gurtler’s Constitutional Carry (House Bill 2) would make the Georgia Weapons License optional in order to exercise Second Amendment rights in the State of Georgia.

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Between 12 and 15 states (depending on who you ask) already have Constitutional Carry.

With Constitutional Carry, you would no longer have to be in what we call the “Georgia Government Gun Carrying Database” if you don’t want to be.

No more tax, no more finger printing, no more intrusive government background check, no more waiting period down at your county probate court just exercise your Second Amendment rights.

Constitutional Carry would “decriminalize” the Second Amendment in Georgia, just as the founding fathers of our state and country intended it to be.

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*** Most don’t know that the weapons license in Georgia only came on the books in 1910! ***

Now, the most common question we get here at Georgia Gun Owners is: “What about reciprocity with other states?”

The answer is simple — under Constitutional Carry you could still get a Weapons License if you so choose for purposes of reciprocity or whatever reason you like, but it would be optional in Georgia.

The good news is, soon to be Governor Kemp pledged during the election to sign Constitutional Carry into law.

That means you and I have tons of work to do in the coming weeks as we prepare for legislative session in January.

The Constitutional Carry ball is rolling at the Capitol in Atlanta with State Rep. Matt Gurtler’s introduction of House Bill 2.

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