2008 Video: Kamala Harris Opposes Heller Decision and Calls for Gun Control

By George Clark

Washington, DC — Earlier today, U.S. Senator Kamala announced on Good Morning America that she would be running for President of the United State in 2020.

Thanks to our researchers here at Second Amendment Daily, Harris has been discovered on video (before she was a Senator) attacking the Supreme Court Heller Decision and calling for gun control.

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Standing just feet from radical leftist San Francisco Mayor (now California) Governor, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris goes on a five minute tirade, attacking Second Amendment rights of Americans, but not criminals, gangsters, and thugs.

Harris’ anti-gun screed is merely a taste of what’s to come during 2019 and 2020, as radical anti-gun candidates for President start publicly stating their true feelings to the far left radical Democrat base they’ll be looking to for votes as the primary season heats up.

Here’s the video below — be sure to watch it and pass it around to your family and friends!

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