Bloomberg Captures the Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion

In a result sure to have major implications for the 2020 presidential election cycle, Republican Governor Scott Walker was defeated by Tony Evers in an extremely tight race last night.

The result is sending shockwaves across the Midwest.

Wisconsin has been heavily targeted by former President Obama and former AG Eric Holder via their ‘Organizing for Action’ organization.

Their goal is to enable the state to pursue a radical gun control agenda — as well as to control the upcoming redistricting process in Wisconsin — trying to make sure President Trump does not carry the state for a second time.

Tony Evers will be one of the most anti-gun Governors in Wisconsin history.

Evers is already on the record calling for a complete registry of every gun owner in the state, passage of an ‘assault weapons’ ban, reinstatement of the 3-day waiting period, and passage of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation.

While it’s no doubt that Evers is a radical gun control activist turned-Governor, gun owners have been frustrated with Scott Walker for some time.

The state was one of the last in the country to enact ‘Shall Issue’ legislation, and only repealed the state’s mandatory waiting period in 2015 in a move that was seen by many as an attempt by Walker to shore up gun owners support in advance of his presidential campaign.

In 2017, as the gun rights organizations advanced Constitutional Carry legislation through a Senate committee after lining up over 40 cosponsors, Walker was quick to stamp out any hope of the bill’s passage.

As Fox6 reported at that time:

Gov. Scott Walker is signaling his opposition to a bill that would allow Wisconsin residents to carry concealed handguns without obtaining a permit or going through training.

Walker told reporters Thursday that he was “comfortable” with the current law requiring people who want to carry a concealed weapon to get training and obtain a license.

 A proposal in the Legislature would eliminate the license and training requirement.

 Walker says, “I think the law we have right now is a good law. I’m comfortable with that.”

The sudden attack against the bill baffled gun owners, who clearly didn’t turn out in the numbers that Walker was counting on.

Hopefully gun owners in Wisconsin can rally together and prevent Governor-elect Evers from eradicating the Second Amendment rights currently on the books.