BREAKING: Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Today – Here’s The Details

By George Clark

Washington, DC — Unless something dramatic happens today in Washington, DC, and Brett Kavanaugh loses the support of one or more U.S. Senators before 5 PM EST, he will be confirmed as a Justice on the United States Supreme Court.

After yesterday’s cloture vote saw Kavanaugh garner 51 votes, enough to move on to the final vote today, the plans have now been laid out for today’s final vote.

Sources inside the U.S. Senate indicate that Kavanaugh will receive 50 votes in favor today, and 48 votes against.

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The reason for the 98 total votes is that Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana is attending his daughter’s wedding in Montana Saturday afternoon and likely won’t be able to make it back to DC to vote in favor of Kavanaugh.

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski will “abstain” today, meaning she won’t vote, after voting NO yesterday, in what’s referred to as a “pair” exchange because Daines will not be in attendance.

West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, who’s facing a tough reelection, has also indicated he will vote YES in favor of Kavanaugh.

50 votes, a simple a majority, will be enough to confirm Kavanaugh.

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According to Fox News Insider, their coverage of the confirmation vote for Kavanaugh in the U.S. Senate will start at 12 PM, then the vote should take place around 5 PM.

Here’s their report for what’s happening today:

Join Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino LIVE from noon to 3:00pm ET as the debate continues on the Senate floor.

They will be joined by a panel of experts for real-time reaction and analysis.

Chris Wallace and Shannon Bream take over the coverage from 3:00 to 7:00pm ET, with the dramatic final Senate vote expected to come around 5:00pm ET. 

Then at 7:00pm ET, Ed Henry hosts a must-see edition of “Fox Report,” followed by a powerful live primetime lineup, featuring a two-hour “Justice With Judge Jeanine” at 8:00 and “The Greg Gutfeld Show” at 10:00.

President Trump will speak at a rally in Topeka, Kansas at 7:30pm ET. 

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