BREAKING: Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed, Voted On to the Supreme Court

Washington, DC — Moments ago, President Donald J. Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was voted on to the U.S. Supreme Court by a 50-48 vote margin, a simple majority required for confirmation.

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Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska “abstained”, or didn’t vote, Democrat Joe Manchin voted YES, and Republican Steve Daines of Montana wasn’t able to make it back to the Capitol in time for the vote because of his daughter’s wedding in Montana.

With 98 votes cast, Kavanaugh needed the 50 for confirmation.

Had the count been 49-49, Vice President Mike Pence would have broken the tie, as his constitutional role is as “President of the U.S. Senate”.

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The hard-fought Kavanaugh confirmation battle has gone on for weeks, pitting conservatives seeking a fifth seat on the nine person the court against far left radicals who’ve used the courts instead of legislative bodies to “make law”.

Kavanaugh is widely seen as a “constitutionalist”, someone who seeks to interpret the Constitution as it is written, not as a “living breathing document”, as many on the left view it.

He isn’t seen as conservative as a Clearance Thomas, or the now deceased Antonin Scalia, but most analysts see him as more to the right as Anthony Kennedy, who retired in July.

He will now join Chief Justice John Roberts, Associate Justice Clearance Thomas, Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, Associate Justice Samuel Alito as those right of center on the court.

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Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice Elena Kagan, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Associate Justice Stephen Breyer to make up the left wing of the court

Left-wing protesters and politicians did everything in their power to scuttle the nomination, even going so far as to concoct stories of Brett Kavanaugh of being “serial rapists” and running drug rings in Washington, DC as a teenager.

Despite the circus nature of the nomination, Kavanaugh fought back, dug in, and it paid off, launching a ferocious defense of himself and family less than two weeks ago before the Senate Judiciary committee.

The attack from the left and the fake news media on Kavanaugh appear to have done something many didn’t think possible heading into the November elections — united the right in America.

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Most recent polls now show voter enthusiasm on the right matches those on the left, and a number of Senate races thought to be out of touch or moving left, have either tightened or flipped in the opposite direction.

The attacks on Kavanaugh thought up and executed from New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s war room appear to have back fired with one month left before election day.

Kavanaugh’s win and ascension to the court is seen a huge win for Republicans and those right of center, and a monster loss for Democrats and the left.

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