Ten Times the AR-15 Was Used in Self-Defense

As every AR15 owner knows, the AR15 is the most versatile and most user-friendly rifle on the market today, and has been for decades.

That’s why recent reports indicate that over 9.3 MILLION of these rifles were manufactured in America during the eight years of President Obama’s administration alone!

Besides being light weight, the AR15 is beloved for its ability to handle a wide array of optics and lighting systems, and for its standard 30 round magazine.

On top of that, when you combine the rifle’s natural ergonomics with its peep sights, you have a rifle that is very inherently accurate even without enhanced optics.

Finally, the AR15 is just a heck of a lot of fun to shoot!

But these aren’t the only reasons that gun owners have been buying the AR15 is record numbers for years. The AR15 is a great sporting rifle and is fundamental tool to fight against tyranny, the ultimate purpose for the AR15.

And, as it turns out, it’s a great firearm for use in stopping violent crime!

Sure, the anti-gunners in the media and their pals in state and federal legislative positions constantly belittle gun owners who own the AR15, claiming that ‘it’s never stopped a single violent crime.’

Of course, like almost everything else you hear from radical gun-grabbers, this it a total lie as you are about to see below.

The next time you hear someone make this absurd claim, be sure and remember this article, where we are going to highlight ten times where the AR15 was used to stop a violent criminal assault.

As you will see, often times the attack was stopped without a single shot even being fired.

In case number 1, a 15-year old boy defended himself and his 12-year old sister from a daylight home invasion attempt in Texas, shooting one of the suspects and sending them running in fear!

In case number 2, several RIT students in Rochester, NY were in their apartment when multiple suspects entered in a middle of the night home invasion. When one of the residents screamed as the suspects pointed a gun at him, his roommate grabbed his AR15 and scared the suspects into leaving without firing a shot.

In case number 3, a group of mostly black men guarded a Conoco gas station in Ferguson, MO with an assortment of firearms that specifically included the AR15. While most other businesses were gutted and burned, this one store remained thanks to a group of armed men who stood watch.

In case number 4, a car with four armed men opened fire on a homeowner as he stood in his driveway. Under fire, the homeowner returned fire with his AR15, killing two suspects and wounding one more. Over 40 rounds were fired in this gun fight.

In case number 5, a 19-year old in Broken Arrow, OK shot and killed three armed suspects who entered his parent’s home in a daring daylight robbery attempt. The suspects were wearing masks, gloves, and dressed in all black.

In case number 6, a Sutherland Springs, TX man stopped a massacre taking place inside a small town Baptist church by running across the street and shooting at the murderer with his AR15. The suspect dropped his firearms and fled after being hit by the Good Samaritan, taking his life soon thereafter.

In case number 7, an Illinois man stopped a horrific stabbing that was taking place in the parking lot of his apartment complex. Authorities charged two suspects in the case, and said that ‘only the threat of force’ stopped the attack.

In case number 8, a 17-year old North Carolina man was shot at by a group of armed suspects in the midst of a home invasion attempt. The man returned fire with his AR15, killing one suspect and sending the rest fleeing the scene.

 In case number 9, a pair of armed suspects entered a Detroit-based tax preparation company with their guns aimed at staff members. That’s when a security guard opened fire from a hallway, with his AR15. The guard was hit by one of the suspects, but chased them both away with his return fire.

In case number 10, a couple was walking near their apartment when they were accosted by a man under the influence of narcotics. As the couple went to their door, the suspect forced his way inside and advanced towards them. One of the residents grabbed his AR15 and, when the suspect would not stop advancing, shot and killed the suspect.

In each of these cases, lives and property were saved because law abiding citizens had the ability to defend themselves with a high-quality rifle — with a large amount of ammo.

Undoubtedly, when confronted with this, gun grabbers will claim that these situations could have been handled with a handgun or shotgun, which shows how far out of touch with reality they are in the first place.

In the meantime, share this with your friends and family so that they can have the facts about the impact of the AR15 in the hands of law abiding citizens.