Georgia: Waffle House Robber Armed With BB Gun Shot By Concealed Carry Customer

Villa Rica, Georgia — Even though Waffle House sports a “Gun Free Zone” yellow sign on the wall outside each of their restaurants, we know thousands of customers a day carry their firearms inside.

Our experience is that the staff on hand at each Waffle House generally looks the other way and doesn’t really ever enforce the corporate policy.

Waffle House is a tradition for many across the South, know for their waffles and other cheap, greasy, but in many cases delicious food 24 hours a day.

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Waffle House is also known for frequent armed robberies.

Often times located close to an interstate, where an armed robber can pop in, get some cash, then pop on to the interstate and be gone.

But occasionally, the robber picks the wrong Waffle House.

That’s what happened this week in Villa Rica, Georgia, where a customer eating his meal, minding his own business in the local Waffle House, saw the need to defend himself and the other customers in the restaurant.

When he saw an robber armed with what turned out to be a BB gun, the customer fired at him, hitting him and sending him off running.

Here’s the story from the

A man pointed a gun at Waffle House workers in Georgia early Thursday and tried to rob them, until another customer stepped in with a gun of their own, according to police.

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The attempted robber showed up at the Waffle House on Highway 61 in Villa Rica, Georgia, around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, according to a police Facebook post. He aimed a gun at the restaurant’s workers and told them he was robbing them, police said.

That’s when a customer eating at the restaurant got out a gun and shot the attempted robber, sending the robber fleeing from the Waffle House, according to police.

The attempted robber left the restaurant in a dark, small vehicle, witnesses told police.

As the robber fled, he dropped his gun, according to police. Police investigating the incident realized that it was actually a BB gun, according to the Facebook post.

If here’s one lesson to be learned from the Villa Rica Waffle House shootout, it’s that one should never bring a BB gun to a Waffle House gun fights.

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