Dopey David Hogg: Gets Slapped Down Over His AR-15 Claim

Parkland, Florida — When you look up “one who speaks mindless nonsense” in the dictionary, a picture of David Hogg pops right up.

Time and time again, Hogg spews nonsense since he came onto the national scene in the days after the Parkland, Florida shooting.

Seeking to capitalize on his found fame, Hogg frequently tweets and interacts on social media, mainly pumping out his left-wing marching orders passed over from his friends at Bloomberg gun control organizations.

This week during the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing, Dopey David was back at it again on Twitter.

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And as usual, he played fast and loose with the facts.

According to reporting done in The Blaze, Hogg spouted off about AR-15s and demanded the reinstatement of the Massachusetts 2004 so-called “assault weapons ban”.

Immediately, Hogg’s argument was shot with holes as experts in defense of the Second Amendment weighed in, citing numerous factual instances of AR-15s being used for self-defense.

The vocal gun control activist was responding to a video from the congressional hearings for the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court when he made the odd statement.

“The effective range of an AR-15 is 1,600 feet for comparison your typical handgun is 75 feet if you’re shooting somebody from 1,600 feet away you’re not defending yourself…,” he tweeted, “… you’re hunting.”

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“Make the 2004 Massachusetts assault weapons ban federal law,” he added.

Hogg was responding to a video of an exchange between California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Kavanaugh.

“How do you reconcile what you’ve just said with the hundreds of school shootings using assault weapons that have taken place in recent history?” Feinstein asked. “How do you reconcile that?”

“Senator, of course the violence in schools is something we all detest and want to do something about and there’s a lots of efforts, I know underway to make schools safer,” Kavanaugh responded. “I know at my girl’s school they do a lot of things different than what they did just a few years ago, in terms of trying to harden the school and make it safer for everyone.”

“People most certainly do use the AR-15 to defend themselves and others,” responded Stephen Gutowksi of the Free Beacon, and provided examples.

One was from Oswego, near Chicago, where a man stopped a knife attack by threatening the attacker with his AR-15.

“He was a half a breath away from getting his head blown off and he knew that,” Dave Thomas said. “That’s why he put the knife down.”

In another story, two students in New York City frightened away armed intruders with their own AR-15. “I’m happy he saved my life. I was very thankful he had his (gun),” said one of his gun-owning roommate.

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In another incident, an armed burglar was shot and killed by the resident of an apartment with an AR-15.

“You have a man who defended himself inside his home, as the law would generally permit, and exercised extreme restraint by firing only one shot in shooting someone who was unlawfully in his home,” said a local district attorney.

As you can imagine, Hogg wouldn’t dare engage any of these experts, who cite statistics and studies who easily refute Dopey David’s left-wing talking points.

One thing is for sure, Hogg isn’t going away.

He’s well-funded, as unlimited resources, and there are millions of Americans who think just like him unfortunately.

Second Amendment supporters must band together and push back against this nonsense spewed by Hogg and others, passing around information refuting these claims, as well as talking to friends, family, and coworkers at every opportunity about why we have the Second Amendment.

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