Anti-Gun Lawmakers Are Flat Out Lying About America’s Homicide Numbers

During her failed run for the presidency in 2015-2016, Hillary Clinton repeatedly said that over 33,000 people a year in American die due to ‘gun violence.’

The notoriously anti-gun U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein — and dozens of additional lawmakers at the state and federal level — have used this number repeatedly when making their case to disarm the American people.

Naturally, this number has been accepted as fact by the media who have repeated the number ad nauseum, furthering the idea that over 33,000 people are murdered each year by criminals using guns.

The truth is that, just like the lies that gun owners are asked to believe about the effectiveness of background checks, these numbers are completely inaccurate as well.

Gun owners need to understand that they are being lied to by anti-gun lawmakers and their pals in the media who are trying to use guilt manipulation to make us give up on the fight for the Second Amendment out of a twisted sense of guilt -– making it that much easier for state and federal lawmakers to hammer their gun control agenda into law.

Don’t let them get away with it.

In reality, almost two-thirds of gun deaths every year in America are the result of suicide or accidental causes, not homicide!

In their 2013 annual ‘National Vital Statistics Report’ the Centers for Disease Control reported that there were 33,636 total deaths due to firearms injuries that year.

However, they also said that 21,175 of them were self-inflicted, while an additional 505 firearms-related deaths were accidental, and 281 were classified as ‘undermined intent.’

More than that, another 757 homicides were justifiable shootings where law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens shot and killed suspects in self-defense.

In other words, 67.54% of firearms-related deaths reported in 2013 were not the result of criminal actions.

Nor was this a statistical anomaly.

In 2014, according to the CDC’s report there were 33,594 firearms-related deaths nationwide. However, 21,386 of those were suicides, 461 were ruled to be accidents, 275 were undeterminable, and 730 were a result of justifiable homicides.

This means that 64.48% of all firearms-related deaths in 2014 were the result of something other than murder.

And in 2015, according to numbers pulled from the CDC and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, a total of 36,252 firearms-related deaths occurred. But similar to previous years, 64.98% of these were the result of suicide, justifiable homicide, accidents, and undetermined causes.

While it’s an obvious tragedy that so many people are committing suicide with a firearm every year, the idea that 30,000+ people are murdered on an annual basis in this country with firearms is simply not true.

Gun owners need to condition themselves to challenge every single ‘fact’ that comes out of the mouth of anti-gun lawmakers, as they lie constantly while working to break down our Second Amendment freedoms.

More than that, gun owners need to understand that our enemies have no compunction whatsoever about lying if that helps them accomplish their agenda. These are committed ideologues who want to crush our freedoms and anyone who stands in their path.

The fight for gun rights is a down and dirty street fight, and the sooner gun owners realize that and act like it, the sooner we will regain the momentum and win in the legislature again.