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Dopey David Hogg: “Get In People’s Faces”

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Tweeny teen David Hogg, hero of the American left and gun control aficionado, is back at it again, with a front cover feature in “New York” magazine.

Fresh off a nationwide gun control trip across the country this summer, Hogg appears ready to “get in people’s faces”.

Here’s the money quote from his feature story in “New York” magazine:

The most important thing about being young is your face,” he tells them. “Get in people’s faces.”

We should mention that while his gun control cohorts filled a couple of buses while criss-crossing the country. Hogg traveled by plane and also in black SUVs, never without armed guards.

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Apparently Hogg sees himself as some sort of historical figure, hell bent on destroying our 240 year old Second Amendment rights:

“We really only remember a few hundred people, if that many, out of the billions that have ever lived,” he told me at his house in a gated community in Parkland, ten days after the shooting.

“Is that what I was destined to become?”

Hogg sees the November 6 General Election as the culmination of his gun control work since Parkland earlier this year.

He’s all in, campaigning and supporting left-wing gun grabbers across the country, with a busy travel schedule for this fall.

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Of course Hogg and his gun-grabbing teenage friends aren’t doing this alone.

They’re heavily funded by Bloomberg, Soros and the wealthy billionaires hell-bent on destroying Second Amendment rights in this country.

In fact, the “New York” magazine reported today that a crew of Obama veterans, led by Stephanie Cutter, accompanied Hogg and his gang across the country:

“representative from Precision Strategies, a communications firm founded by members of the 2012 Obama campaign [Stephanie Cutter, Jen O’Malley Dillon, Teddy Goff], frequently traveled with them, as well as Michael Skolnik, once the political director for Russell Simmons and co-founder of the Soze Agency.”

This isn’t a grassroots movement, as we’ve known all along.

It’s well-financed, heavily focus grouped, and being run by long time DC gun grabbers.

If you stay home in November, Hogg and his gang may just get what they want.

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