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TRIGGERED! Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate Giving Away 3D Printer

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A Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri has launched a giveaway that’s triggered gun-grabbers and liberals across the nation.

What are they losing their minds over?

A Ghost Gunner 2 printer, which has the capability to print 3D untraceable firearm parts.

This is the “Holy Grail” gun control battle for the left.  They know if Americans can make firearms using a printer, they won’t be able to track and know who has guns in this country.

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The River Front Times reports:

The machine — which is somewhat akin to a 3-D printer, only it’s capable of fashioning aluminum and not just plastic — allows users to create so-called “ghost guns” untraceable by law enforcement. There’s a long waiting list to get your hands on one of these machines; prospective customers must resort to paying a $250 deposit and biding their time until 2019.

But Austin Petersen, the determinedly  pro-gun  Republican running in a crowded primary, got one from a donor, says spokeswoman Heather Coil.

There is no paperwork or donation required to enter the giveaway, though the winner may have to consent to a background check and fill out a few forms.

In a statement, Peterson said:

This technology has the potential to send gun control into the ash heap of history. The government’s ability to control or ban guns will be obsolete. I think the new prize may trigger a few more liberals and mainstream media than it did last time.

Oh, how right he is!

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 Here are just a few reactions to his brilliant idea:

This isn’t the first time Peterson has made the liberals head spin.

In fact, just last year he was banned from Facebook for advertising a giveaway for an AR-15.

The Hill reports,

The candidate was briefly banned from Facebook after advertising giveaways of AR-15 rifles earlier in his campaign, as the social media network prohibits the exchange of firearms or ammunition between individuals. Petersen, a longtime libertarian, is running as a Republican on a pro-gun platform.

Petersen is one of 11 GOP candidates looking for the nomination to take on incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) in the November general election.

The primary is August 7th.

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