Report: Civilians Bought More Guns in the Last 2 Months Than the Military Has In Total


How often do you hear your buddy say: “They aren’t gonna come and take my guns!”

Well, the government may come for our guns, but they’re going to have a dang tough time taking them away from all of us.

That’s because the most recent statistics continue to show a steady pace of firearms purchases in the United States.

While Barack Obama is known as the top gun salesman of all time, Donald Trump has proven not to be so bad himself.

Just in the last two months, American civilians bought more firearms than the U.S. military has in TOTAL.

According to a report in the Washington Free Beacon, American citizens own nearly 40% of all firearms in the world!

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That’s awesome news!

The report also details that 85% of the estimated one billion firearms in the world are owned by civilians.

WOW . . . that’s even better news.

The report in the Washington Free Beacon is excellent reading for any Second Amendment supporter who wants to know facts about firearms ownership by civilians and military in the world.

A report published this month found civilians in the United States own almost 400 million guns, outpacing every other civilian population, police, or military force in the world.

The Small Arms Survey estimates there are 393,300,000 civilian-owned firearms in the United States. The survey, performed by the Graduate Institute of Geneva, estimated the United States military has about 4.5 million firearms. It put the number of firearms owned by police throughout the United States at just over 1 million.

That means American civilians own nearly 100 times as many firearms as the U.S. military and nearly 400 times as many as law enforcement.

Federal Bureau of Investigation background check records suggest that civilians bought more than 2 million guns in May alone, which means civilians purchase more than double the number of firearms owned by police departments. The number of gun-related civilian background checks in May and April, at over 4.7 million, is greater than the number of firearms currently owned by the American military.

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