Toilet Paper Bandit Arrested, Locked Up


(Franklin, NH) — A violent robbery in Franklin, New Hampshire included duct tape, guns, baseball bats, and toilet paper.

Now known as the “Toilet Paper Bandit”, Melissa Natal and two violent thugs, Juan Flores and Bryan Martinez, broke into a disabled woman’s home, tied her up with duct tape, beat up one of her roommates, robbed her, then fled the scene.

Thankfully, police were on the way after hearing reports of a disturbance, but not before significant damage could be done by Natal, Flores, and Martinez.

After fleeing the scene, officers caught up to the trio, arrested them, then threw them in jail.

That’s when things started getting weird.

When it was time for mug shots to be taken, Melissa Natal was wrapped in toilet paper!

Natal claimed it was too cold in the cell, so she wrapped herself in the toilet paper.

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But she should be very familiar with the temperature level in jail cells.  Afterall, her arrest record is lengthy:

According to, Natal has a long criminal record including the following convictions:

2001 – Simple assault

2003 – Simple assault and disorderly conduct

2008 – Disobeying police

2009 – Criminal mischief

2010 – Felony drug charge

2012 – Receiving stolen property

2014 – Sale of a controlled substance (two counts)

2015 – Violation of probation

The has all the details about this bizarre bandit trio:

About 3 a.m., Franklin police patrolling the neighborhood of Franklin and School streets for the source of a noise complaint were flagged down by a resident who reported having just been robbed and a car loaded with assailants had just driven away.

A woman with mobility issues had been restrained with duct tape, leaving four young children without supervision.

Police quickly apprehended three city residents, Melissa Natal, 35, Juan Flores, 25, and Bryan Martinez, 24, all of Franklin, who are now facing charges related to the incident.
Natal is charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit robbery, criminal restraint and conspiracy to commit criminal restraint, all felonies. She’s also charged with simple assault and four counts of child endangerment, all misdemeanors.

Flores is charged with six counts of criminal threatening, as well as conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary and criminal restraint.

Martinez is charged with second-degree assault, criminal restraint and criminal threatening, as well as conspiracy to commit both robbery and burglary.

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