Take Note: Feinstein Bump Stock Hearing Next Week

(Washington, DC) — Hoping you’d lost interest or thought the fight was over, Dianne Feinstein’s bump stock ban bill is scheduled for a hearing this week on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

The bill, S. 1916, will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa.


Despite massive push back from those who want to protect the Constitution and Second Amendment rights, Feinstein and the anti-gun lobby has been able to twist Grassley’s arm, pressuring him into holding hearings.

Second Amendment supporters should worry greatly about Grassley’s bending over backwards to appease the gun-grabbers.

Afterall, it was left-wing nut Nancy Pelosi who said she hoped a ban on “bump stocks” would be just the beginning to more restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

Second Amendment supporters and those who want to protect our Constitution need to be aware that the gun control fight isn’t over.

It’s just beginning.

Here’s the Senate Judiciary hearingtwitte meeting notice:


According to AWR Hawkins at Breitbart, Feinstein’s bill isn’t just about banning bump stocks, but so much more:

In fact, the bill—the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act—bans any “accessory that is designed or functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machine gun.”

This language is very crucial because in it goes after bump stocks for being exactly what the ATF described—an accessory, not a conversion device.

It is already illegal to convert a semiautomatic into an automatic and Feinstein’s bill is way for leftists to make it illegal to add an accessory that allows the gun to fire rapidly without being converted to automatic.

In other words, a semiautomatic firearm with a bump stock is still a semiautomatic firearm; it only fires one round per each pull of the trigger, period. Yet Feinstein wants to ban them and—because she has to focus her ban on accessories—it means the ban is broad enough that it already includes numerous other devices that do not convert semiautomatics into automatics either.

Her legislation explicitly lists “a trigger crank” as something that would be banned as well.


Second Amendment Daily reported on the availability of bump stocks after Las Vegas in this report:

And on a “Bump Stock Ban” recently defeated in Illinois: