This Southern City Moves To Ban Bump Stocks


In the days and weeks after the Las Vegas shooting, the cries from the anti-gun left reached a fevered pitch.

Because the shooter, Steven Paddock, reportedly used a “bump stock” to help him increase his rate of fire, the obvious first choice for the left was to “BAN BUMP STOCKS”.

That’s just what the anti-gunners on the Columbia, South Carolina city council set out to do earlier this week.

According to

The four City Council members present at Tuesday night’s meeting – Benjamin, Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine, Councilman Sam Davis and Councilman Howard Duvall – voted unanimously in favor of the ordinance.

It will require one final council vote to become law.

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However, they may run into one giant problem attempting to enforce the new law they want to affect.

South Carolina state law specifically prohibits cities and counties from enacting their own gun laws on guns or gun components.

The members of the Columbia City Council argue bump stocks are not components, but attachments.

Even though the city council members claim to be moving to “ban” bump stocks, it would still be legal to own one in Columbia:

“Columbia’s proposed ordinance would make it illegal to attach bump stocks or trigger cranks to any guns within the city, except by military or law enforcement personnel.

It would still be legal to own those devices, so long as they are stored in separate containers from firearms.”

The move to ban the bump stocks was the idea of Mayor Steven Benjamin.

The reports there would even be jail time and a fine if found in violation:

Benjamin emphasized the limits of the proposed city ordinance, which will require two votes by Council, noting that they can’t make purchase or ownership of the devices illegal but can take action against their attachment to a weapon.

The penalty for having a bump stock connected to a firearm would be a misdemeanor and carry up to 30 days in jail, a $500 dollar fine, or community service.

Benjamin hopes to have the ordinance passed before Christmas.

Of course we all know their silly attempted gun ban won’t stop violent criminals, gangsters and thugs from committing crimes in their city.

In fact, we bet they cannot point to one crime ever committed with a bump stock attached to a gun in their city.

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