South Carolina City Approves Ban On “Bump Stocks”


(South Carolina) — In one of the dumbest ever gun control moves by gun-grabbers in our country, a city council in South Carolina has “banned” bump stocks.

“Banned” is in quotes because the ordnance passed by the Columbia South Carolina City Council doesn’t actually ban bump stocks, it just makes it a “misdemeanor” to use bump stocks.

As we all know, “bans” don’t work, let alone bans that don’t make it illegal to possess.

Do these left-wing politicians believe banning the use of a bump stock would have prevented Las Vegas?

This move is nothing more than a “feel good” gun control by anti-gunners to appease their left-wing donors and political base of support.

According to, the “bump stock” ban will have little teeth:

The ordinance makes it a misdemeanor to use bump stocks or a separate device called a “trigger crank,” both of which can be attached to guns to increase their rate of fire. A person could legally possess a bump stock if it’s not connected to a gun and stored in a separate case.

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There is still a question as to whether the city can even institute the “ban” because of a South Carolina that prohibits regulation of firearms or components. newspaper out of South Carolina has more details.

Columbia is one of the first cities – if not the first – in the country to ban the use of controversial bump stocks and trigger cranks. It is not clear whether any other American cities have a similar law regarding bump stocks or trigger cranks. But Benjamin told The State last month he believes Columbia might become the first.

Critics have questioned whether it is legal for the city to institute such a ban, as South Carolina law prohibits local governments from regulating firearms or firearm components.

But city leaders say their ordinance is legally sound, arguing that bump stocks and similar devices are not firearm components, but rather attachments. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also says that bump stocks are not considered a firearm part.

Catherine Templeton, a Charleston attorney running for governor, was critical of Columbia leaders when they introduced the bump stock ordinance.

“Columbia politicians are completely out of touch with our conservative values. You come for my guns, and I’ll come for your seat!” Templeton posted on Twitter.

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Already a lawsuit has been filed challenging Columbia’s bump stock:

A lawsuit has been filed to stop the City of Columbia’s new ban on bump stocks and trigger cranks.

Mark Schnee, a Columbia attorney, filed the suit today, saying the ban on the gun parts is prohibited by state and federal law as well as a violation of a court order.

In the wake of the shooting, Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin came out with a plan to ban the automatic firing devices. City Council passed the final ordinance banning the items on Dec. 19.

In the filing Schee claims the city’s ordinance on bump stocks is based on “willful ignorance to reality and, at worst, a calculated fraud in an apparent attempt for political grandstanding and media attention.”

In pushing the ban, Benjamin argued that the gun attachments were not components of a weapon but, rather, an optional device. The ordinance the city passed banned having a bump stock attached to a gun in the city limits.

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