Self-Defense Shooting On A Bus Caught On Video

(Cleveland, OH) — It’s normally a good rule of thumb to carry for your own protection if you ever have to set foot on a big city bus.

If you’ve ever ridden on one, you surely know why.

Abdul Rahman was carrying on a Cleveland, Ohio bus recently when he was bullied aggressively by three thugs.

You may remember the name “Abdul Rahman” as the name of a man who fought Mike Tyson in 1985 . . . and got knocked out.  Yes, this is the same guy.

Rahman surely knows how to fight with his fists, but he wouldn’t stand a chance if jumped by multiple attackers.  So he carried on the bus for his personal protection.

Check out the video, watch the fight scene, then Rahman shooting and killing one of the thugs.

Here’s all the details from

The shooting happened this summer on Cleveland’s east side. Video shows Rahman riding an RTA bus.

Then a young man starts challenging him, saying, “Come on. Get off the bus. Come on. Put up your fists, man.” Rahman then pulls a gun and waves it, and the other guy backs away.

Twenty seconds later, the bus stops and three people bully Rahman off the bus, saying, “Get your — off the bus. Move it. Go. Off the bus.”

As Rahman gets off the bus it appears he pulls his gun again, and the people at the doorway back off. But then, they start to follow him aggressively. Moments later you hear a gunshot, and you see a man collapse. Andrew Easley died.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors took the case to a grand jury. But Rahman only got indicted for weapons charges. He should not have had a gun because he was convicted of robbery way back in 1973.

He recently told the I TEAM, he fired the shot in self-defense. And in court he told the judge at sentencing, “I’m sorry for everything that happened.”