Pizza Dude Returns Fire, Kills Attacker!


(St. Louis, MO) – With the murder rate soaring to historic numbers in St. Louis, it’s no wonder that more Missourians are carrying for self-defense.

This includes the 41-yr-old delivery driver for IMO’s Pizza who was trying to make a delivery in the 4600 block of South Spring Ave. last Thursday when he was attacked by two men.

According to the authorities, 17-yr-old Lavon Courtney struck the unidentified driver in the head with his handgun and then shot at the driver as he ran back to his car.

After being shot at, the driver returned fire with his own handgun and killed Courtney.

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Police have identified and arrested Courtney’s accomplice, 24-yr-old Montel Smith, and charged him with both second degree murder and first degree robbery.

The delivery driver will not be facing charges in this case, as Missouri enacted both Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground legislation in 2016.

Here’s the report from

During the robbery, Courtney hit the 41-year-old victim on the head with a gun. When the man attempted to run back to his vehicle Courtney fired shots at him, according to police.

“I heard gunshots coming towards Spring Street towards Taft,” said Destiny Bateman, who has lived in Dutchtown for the last three years.

After the shots were fired at him, the delivery driver, fearing for his safety, returned fire using his own handgun, police said. That return fire struck and killed Courtney. The second suspect, later identified as Montel Smith, fled on foot.

After shooting Courtney, the victim went back to his work, which was the Imo’s restaurant just a block away on Delor Street and called the police.

Over the weekend, the general manager of the Imo’s Pizza where the victim worked said the man resigned because he was filled with anxiety.

Courtney was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said they found a gun next to his body.

Monday morning, Smith, 24, was charged with murder second and one count of robbery for his alleged role in the crime. He is currently being held on a $500,000 cash-only bond.

“I’m glad the delivery driver was able to help himself. Everyone has that right,” said Theresa Hill, who lives nearby where the shooting took place.

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