The Number of Stolen Firearms Every Year Will Shock You!

A recent report from NBC News shows that a whopping 237,000 firearms were stolen from law abiding gun owners in 2016!

According to the report, these numbers mark a surprising 68% increase in firearms theft from numbers reported in 2005.


Gun right activists have long opposed the creation of a federal gun registry as the first step towards eventual gun confiscation, they’ve also said that crime won’t stop, as many recent mass shooters passed their NICS check first.

The staggering increase in the number of stolen firearms is one more reason why gun control simply won’t stop criminals, who steal their firearms in the first place.

Of course, the report from NBC fails to mention how many times the firearms thefts occurred because gun owners were forced to secure their firearms in their vehicles, due to ‘gun free zone’ policies that forced them to disarm.


The report went on to quote ATF Agent Frank Occhipinti, who did his best to blame this crime wave on law abiding gun owners, saying:

 “It comes down to basic human responsibility,” said Occhipinti. “If a gun owner doesn’t do what he’s supposed to be doing, that obviously makes our job a lot harder.”

Agent Occhipinti failed to discuss the utter lack of ‘human responsibility’ displayed by his agency during the infamous ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal in 2009 where they armed drug cartel members and other violent criminals.

Multiple homicides have been linked to the guns that the ATF gave away during this criminally negligent operation.