Illegal Murders FIVE: “Mommy, Bodies! Bodies!”


(San Francisco, CA) — Binh Thai Luc, a 41-year-old illegal from Vietnam, who already served eight years in San Quentin from 1998 to 2006, and has been deported once back to Vietnam, was found guilty yesterday on charges of murdering five people in San Francisco in 2012.

But he didn’t use a firearm to commit what District Attorney George Gascon referred to as “a very gruesome, brutal murder.”


According to the news story at

He was found guilty of killing Hua Shun Lei, 65; his wife, Wan Yi Wu, 62; their daughter, Ying Xue Lei, 37; their son, Vincent Lei, 32; and his wife, Chia Huei Chu, 30.

Vincent Lei’s 12-year-old niece discovered the carnage at 7:45 a.m. and ran out of the home screaming, “Mommy, bodies! Bodies!” A witness later heard the girl’s mother, Nicole Lei, on the phone, yelling hysterically, “They took the money! The money is gone!” prosecutors said.

While authorities didn’t have an eyewitness place Luc at the scene of the crime, Assistant District Attorney Eric Fleming used numerous pieces of physical evidence to link Luc to the killings.

Investigators said Vincent Lei’s blood was spattered on Luc’s jeans, which were discovered at his home.

Inside the Lei home, crime scene technicians reported finding Luc’s blood on a pack of cigarettes, a receipt and a cabinet drawer.

Luc had a cut on his hand when he was arrested shortly after the crime.

Police also found a fingerprint on a bottle of window cleaner inside the home that matched Luc’s right index finger, prosecutors said.

The bodies were covered with bleach and other products, and the killer flooded the home by turning on faucets and detaching pipes under sinks.

Gun-grabbers are quick to point out that “thousands of people” are killed every year using rifles in the United States.

It’s the basis for their calls to ban “AR-15s” and any other rifle they deem scary looking enough.

What they conveniently ignore is that according to the FBI, more people are killed every year using hammers and blunt objects than they are with rifles and shotguns.