Homeowner: “I Just Pointed My Rifle At Him”


(Baton Rouge, LA) — Former correctional officer Ceaser Ray has definitely seen his fair share of criminal activity over the course of his career.

So when he got alerted by a neighbor that someone was messing around with his daughter’s car outside, he quickly jumped to action.

But it wasn’t just the car 18-year-old burglar Roberto Garcia was getting into, it was Ray’s front porch window.

That’s when things got really wild.

Ray confronted Garcia head on, cuffed him, and held him at gun point.

His daughter also came out on to the front porch with her firearm drawn, and Ray instructed his wife to call law enforcement.

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Ray also asked his wife to turn on Facebook Live.  And she did, streaming it live, sending it viral across the internet.

On the video you can hear Ray say the following:

“You just tried to break into the wrong damn house.  You stay where your located right there. Don’t move. Who are you here with? Who are you here with?”

In a report in Yahoo News, Ray was reported to have said doing what he did is not for everyone:

“[I] wouldn’t advise someone without the proper training to react like he did. 

“Always be as vigilant as possible,” Ray said. “Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Stay inside if at all possible. Arm yourself, lock your doors, make sure you call the authorities.”

Here’s the entire report from Yahoo News:

Caesar Ray said he was home with his daughter and wife when he received a call from a neighbor telling him that an unidentified man was trying to get into his daughter’s vehicle, which was parked in their Baton Rouge driveway.

Ray told InsideEdition.com that he immediately grabbed his rifle and went outside. 

“I saw a gentleman just jerking off a window screen on my porch as if he didn’t have a care in the world,” Ray said. “It just didn’t make sense so I went into auto mode and just pointed my rifle at him.”

Ray said he instructed the man, who appeared to be under the influence, to get down on the ground and then he handcuffed him until police arrived.

Ray’s daughter also came out onto the porch with a pistol during the ordeal. The family feared there may have been another intruder at the time.

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