Feds Issue 4,000 Orders to Seize Guns


(Washington, DC) — In yet another example of the NICS federal background check system being ineffective and a failure, the feds announced that in 2016 they sought to take back 4,000 firearms from people who they claim shouldn’t have them.

It should be clear to any Second Amendment supporter that no matter how much money and people the feds throw at restricting Second Amendment rights, the system does not work and will never work.

According to USA TODAY:

Federal authorities sought to take back guns from thousands [4,000] of people the background check system should have blocked from buying weapons . . . 

Gun grabbers have told gun owners for years that the “background check” system would make everyone safer.

Yet their own system fails, and we have numerous high profile examples of instances where the NICS system has failed over and over again.

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The shooter at the Orlando night club last year passed his NICS check — and waited days to pick up his gun — before killing 49 people.

The shooter in Las Vegas passed his NICS check too, before gunning down 58 people.

Before killing 9 people in a Charleston, SC church in 2015, Dylan Roof also passed his NICS check and legally purchased a firearm.

Who could for get dopey Micah on “Morning Joe” calling for gun confiscation:

The Navy Yard shooter, the Fort Hood shooter, the man who shot former Congresswoman Giffords and many others did so AFTER they passed their NICS checks.

Clearly federal and state level gun control has done little to stop dangerous people from buying firearms and committing mass murder — and that’s only the people who tried to go through the background checks in the first place!

Many criminals simply steal their firearms from family or others, as was the case with the Sandy Hook shooter and many others.

So increasing the number of records in this massive federal database will do nothing to stop committed criminals.

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That’s why it’s important H.R. 4477 (Dianne Feinstein’s gun control) is stripped out of H.R. 38, National Reciprocity, so that a  massive list of gun owners in America can’t be used for confiscation down the road.

When Connecticut passed a sweeping gun control package in 2013, they used their state database to demand gun owners to surrender certain types of firearms.

The same thing happened in New York and California.

And don’t forget just how often the federal NICS system is already used to deny law abiding people their gun rights by mistake.

As numerous reports have documented, over 250,000 veterans have had their gun rights stripped away because their name was added to the NICS system for almost no reason at all.

Many were placed in NICS for things as petty as having a fiduciary manage their financial affairs.

The NICS system was a mistake when first passed into law, it clearly does not stop violent crime, and is used to deny gun rights to people who have done nothing wrong –- the last thing we should do is strengthen it.

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