Drugged Out Man Violently Assaults Woman, Gets Shot

(Tarpon Springs, FL) — In a bizarre scene, police are reporting that 18-yr-old David Morely violently assaulted numerous residents of an apartment complex at 1344 Ridge Circle East early Saturday morning.

Authorities arrived on scene at 3:56 AM and saw Morely in a second story balcony before he forced entry into an apartment.


When police entered the apartment after hearing a fight in progress, Morely attacked them, injuring multiple officers who eventually got him into custody after tazing him.

That’s when 31-yr-old Brittney Cheek emerged from her bathroom where she was hiding with her 3-yr-old daughter.

Cheek said that she saw Morely violently assaulting one of her neighbors in the apartment complex and told him to stop.

When Morely came at her and her 3-yr-old she shot him in the leg in self-defense and ran into her apartment.


Morely broke inside and got into a fight with Cheek and other neighbors who tried to intervene before the police arrived.

Deputies said that Morely was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident and was admitted into the hospital with serious injuries, and was later charged with 8 separate offenses.

Cheek is not expected to face charges.

Florida is a Stand-Your-Ground law state.

According to WFLA, this was a chaotic scene when deputies arrived:

When deputies approached the condo, they heard yelling and banging on the walls inside the residence. Deputies say they knocked on the door and announced their presence. In the meantime, dispatchers told the deputies that someone at the condo was armed with a gun.

Deputies say Morley opened the door to the residence covered in blood. Morley began attacking the deputies, who used an electronic control device to try and subdue Morley; however, the device had little or no effect. After a violent struggle with deputies, Morley was handcuffed and taken into custody.

Deputies then checked the condo and found the victims, 31-year-old Brittany Cheek and her 3-year-old child, locked in the bathroom.


Cheek told deputies what happened. She said she initially heard yelling outside of her apartment. When she looked out of her door’s peephole, she saw Morley physically attacking her neighbor, 52-year-old Susan Bass.

Fearing for Bass’s safety, Cheek armed herself with her handgun and confronted Morley demanding he leave Bass alone.

Morley immediately lunged at Cheek, who was standing inside the doorway of her condo. Deputies say Cheek was in fear for her and her 3-year-old’s life when she fired her handgun multiple times striking Morley in the leg.

Morley then forced his way into Cheek’s apartment and physically attacked her in front of her 3-year-old child.

When Cheek’s neighbors tried to intervene, Morley fought with them, allowing Cheek and her child time to hide in the bathroom until deputies arrived.

Cheek’s neighbor, Susan Bass then told deputies what happened.