“Controversial” — Father Teaching 4-Year-Old Daughter To Shoot Goes Viral


(Southwest Florida) — A year old video of Florida gun builder Buck Holly teaching his 4-year-old daughter Noah how to shoot has somehow started to make the rounds again.

In fact, it’s gone viral. And it’s driving the gun-grabbers bananas.

One anti-gunner chided Mr. Holly saying: “Ah yes, the training of the next generation of American gun nuts!”

But Mr. Holly told the DailyMail he’s doing everything right in the training of his daughter:

“I would invite each and every one of [my critics] to come to the range with me and my family and participate in it. See how things really happen. They got to see a 30 second snippet of a little girl shooting. What they don’t see is the preparation that goes into it. They don’t see her asking and begging for more ammo. So I would tell my critics, feel free to criticize me. That’s our lifestyle. But before you criticize, come and try it and experience it for yourself,”

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Holly went even further in his interview with the DailyMail.com

. . . he’s always present when his daughter is shooting and that she’s ‘years away’ from carrying a gun by herself on family hunting trips.

Holly himself grew up hunting in Alaska and Minnesota, where he was raised, and says his parents started teaching him to shoot around the same age.

When asked what the most rewarding part of showing his daughter how to shoot is, he said it’s to see how happy it makes her. 

‘It’s the same reason for her as everyone else – the smile on their face when you put them behind a gun and they hit what they’re aiming at.

You saw her in the video. She is tickled pink,’ he said. 

Way to go, Buck Holly and Noah … we applaud you.

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