This Congressman Tears To Pieces HR 38, Explains The Dangers

(Washington, DC) — There’s a Second Amendment grassroots anger spreading across the country.

An anger pointed straight at the Republicans in Congress and the NRA for agreeing to add Dianne Feinstein’s “NICS FIX” gun control into HR 38, National Reciprocity.

Using video and Facebook posts, Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) led the charge against the bill, helping the grassroots to understand just how dangerous the NRA / Feinstein NICS FIX legislation is.

Leading the fight alongside Congressman Massie is Texas Republican Louhie Gohmert.

Please watch his video below laying out all the reasons why Second Amendment supporters should demand that NRA / Feinstein NICS FIX gun control should be removed from this bill:

In case you missed, Congressman Massie laid out the case as well in this Facebook video: