Congressman Sounds Alarm in D.C. On Feinstein Gun Control Bill


As Congress moves National Reciprocity legislation along at lightning speed, the Chairman of the Second Amendment Caucus is sounding the alarm at a D.C. double cross.

That’s because tucked deep inside the National Reciprocity bill is the Diane Feinstein/Charles Schumer gun control bill, commonly referred to as “Fix-NICS

As Congressman Thomas Massie said in a recent Facebook posting:

“What you don’t know, and what virtually no one in Washington wants you to know, is that House leadership plans to merge the fix-NICS bill with popular Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation, HR 38, and pass both of them with a single vote. Folks, this is how the swamp works. House leadership expects constituents to call their representatives demanding a vote on the reciprocity bill, when in fact the only vote will be on the two combined bills.”

The Feinstein/Schumer “Fix-NICS” legislation is being opposed by grassroots gun owners across the country, as it:

— Would spend $620 million over 5 years to create the largest federal gun registry this country has ever seen;

— Would follow through on an Obama goal of making every state and federal agency add more and more names of Americans, who may not have been convicted of a crime, onto the ‘prohibited persons’ list.

— Would enable administrative bodies and medical staff, not the courts where you have a due process guarantee, to simply declare that your gun rights are null and void. 

The bill has broken records for how fast it is moving in D.C., which is likely being done to confuse gun owners into calling to support what they believe to be just ‘National Reciprocity.’

Gun owners concerned about the Feinstein/Schumer gun control bill need to contact their legislators and demand that the oppose the current ‘National Reciprocity’ bill if the ‘Fix-NICS’ language remains a part of it.