Lady With A Gun Saves Sheriff’s Deputy!


(Dawson County, GA) — News has just broken out of Dawson County, Georgia that a sheriff’s deputy was giving someone a ride to a gas station when the individual attacked the sheriff.

A woman who witnessed the attack had a firearm, shot and struck the attacker.

Here is the latest report from on the ground in Dawson, County:

Here’s the latest details according to a report on

Sheriff Jeff Johnson said the incident unfolded after one of his deputies gave a man a courtesy ride to the convenience store. 
“He [the deputy] was actually being a Good Samaritan and was going to give the gentleman – or give the suspect – some money to get a few odds and ends and things that he needed and when he was retrieving the money, the suspect began striking him in the face,” Johnson said. 
Johnson said a woman who witnessed the assault then pulled a handgun and shot at the suspect, striking him. 
The sheriff said the suspect fled across Georgia 400 to a McDonald’s restaurant, where he assaulted a woman there.
The deputy, the woman who was assaulted and the suspect have all been taken to area hospitals, according to Johnson.
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