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BREAKING: Congressman Explains Dangers of HR 4477 in National Reciprocity

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(Washington, DC) — Congressman Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky, lays out step-by-step why gun owners should OPPOSE combining Feinstein’s “NICS FIX” (H.R. 4477) into the National Reciprocity Bill (H.R. 38).

Watch him below and pass this story around to every gun owner you know.

This is to be voted on tomorrow:

Message from Cong. Massie

A message on why I oppose combining the fix-NICS bill with the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill. Senators Feinstein and Schumer are among the co-sponsors of the fix-NICS bill. #SplitTheBills

Posted by Congressman Thomas Massie on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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