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95-year-old Marine Fights Off Attacker, Chases Him

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(West Allis, WI) — A 95-year-old Marine veteran named “Fred” found himself in the fight of his life recently.

When faced with a burglar in his home he told him to “Get the hell out of here.”

Fred fought back, ultimately grabbing the burglar by the legs, forcing him flee.

Minnesota.cbslocal.com has all the quotes from Fred:

“I was almost standing nose to nose with him. That was a shocker,” the veteran told the Journal Sentinel. Fred added that the robber threatened to kill him and his dog if he didn’t hand over his wallet.

“I wasn’t scared. I was so damn mad,” the veteran of the war in the Pacific told reporters. The 95-year-old was able to wrestle alleged burglar, Gary Wells, to the ground before the homeowner’s daughter ran downstairs to help fight the thief off.

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Fred’s motivated 51-year-old daughter Mary then took off after Wells, chasing the burglar for six blocks before catching and holding him for police. “I was mad because of what he did to my dad,” Mary said. “We jumped over two fences and ran through 12 yards,” the Marine’s daughter added.

Mary eventually caught the crook after the 53-year-old’s leg got caught on a picket fence. “It was just reflexes. I guess it rubbed off from my father.”

Fred’s daughter was able to chase after the burglar.

According JSoline.com, she went after him through multiple back yards:

“I don’t remember my feet touching the steps,” so quickly did she fly downstairs to her father’s aid, said Mary. She immediately threw her arms around the intruder, hoping to keep him there until help could be summoned.

In a struggle that ranged into the kitchen, Mary got the wallet away from the burglar. She decided, however, to let him go after he drew back his fist and threatened to punch her. 

The intruder was out the door, but he wasn’t home free. Barefoot and wearing only thin yoga attire, Mary was right on his heels.

“We jumped over two fences and ran through 12 yards,” Mary said, all the way she was knocking on windows and yelling to neighbors to call police that she was chasing a robber. She found out afterward that some did call. Police may have used those calls to track the chase, she said.

Here’s the video:

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Picture from JSOnline.com

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