Elderly Homeowner Shoots One Thug Dead, Another Arrested

(Zachary, Louisiana) – One intruder has been killed and another has been arrested after the two men tried robbing a home owner at gun point.

The home owner is believed to have known one of the suspects, letting them into the home, having no idea what was about to happen.


According to WBRZ.com:

McDavid says, “… a lot of elderly people live in here now, we are starting to get more people here and getting complaints about some possible problems in here but, in Zachary very seldom do we have shootings and homicides here.

Tonight we have one, and we are early in the investigation and we will have more details as things get processed.”

Investigators questioned the homeowner about the shooting.

According to police, the homeowner knew at least one of the intruders and had let him into the home.

Zachary Police said Hayes and two others broke into the home. Jordale Carter, 20, was arrested and there could be others arrested, too.  

Carter has multiple previous arrests for charges including illegal possession of a firearm, illegal use of a weapon, sexual battery, and resisting arrest.

The other suspect broke into the home and tried to rob the home owner.


The elderly home owner, fearing for his life, shot and killed 20-year old Damon Hayes, Jr.

TheAdvocate.com has a report about what neighbors are think about the shootings:

Neighbor Jessica Lee, 23, said she heard about four or five gunshots late Tuesday from her residence across the street.

“We thought it was somebody knocking on our door actually,” Lee said. “We walked outside and the cops started rolling up.”

Neighbors said the front gate to the complex had recently been broken, making the code-secure community more at risk, though many, including Lee, said any disturbance is rare. 

“It’s always been really quiet here,” Lee said.

The remaining accomplice will now likely be charged with murder, under a Louisiana law which states that if you are part of a criminal action in which someone dies, anyone involved can be charged with the homicide.

Police on the scene determined this was a case of self-defense.