WWII Veteran Reunited With His Gun

90-year-old United States Marine WWII veteran Dick Cowell was reunited with something he hadn’t seen since he was 18 years old — the M1 Garand he carried during WWII.

Mr. Cowell’s son, Richard discovered the word “Springfield” and number “3594593” in his father’s desk leading him on a search to find his father’s WWII-issued M1 Garand rifle.

After six months of searching, according to the Palm Beach Post, Richard was able to present the rifle to his father.

“It’s my baby,” Cowell said of the rifle. “I am very appreciative that Richard was able to find it after 73 years.”

“When I first fired this weapon, I tell you, it was something else,” Cowell said with a grin.

Richard made sure he found the rifle for his father:

“He has so many stories,” Richard said about his dad. “I wanted this one to be recorded.”

Richard, who lives in Tequesta, spent six months hunting down the rifle after finding a white piece of paper with the word “Springfield” written in cursive followed by the serial number “3594593” in his father’s desk.

“It didn’t matter the cost. The rifle was a piece of history and it is part of him,” Richard said. “I was going to buy it even if I had to mortgage the house.”

Congrats to Mr. Cowell and his son Richard for this incredible find a reunion.

Video and image from YouTube.