One Criminal Dead In Apartment Break-In

(Houston County, GA) — Two 26-year-old men took swift action in defense of their lives and property and one crook ended up dead in Houston County, Georgia.

It started around 4 a.m. Sunday in the 200-block of Northlake Drive when Cartrell Brooks barged up to the apartment complex armed with a handgun and looking for trouble.

He battered his way through the front door of an apartment occupied by James Alderson and Malandon West, who heard the commotion and prepared for the worst.

One of the men grabbed their own firearm, and when Brooks smashed his way through the door with his gun in hand, he was shot by one of the occupants, ending his deadly assault.

Brooks later died at a local hospital.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, charges are not expected to be filed against Alderson or West, as Georgia is a “Castle Doctrine” state.

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