Now THIS Is A Nice Buck!


This big boy was taken by Michael Selman on November 10 in what Georgia Outdoor News once called  “The Land of the Giants” — Heard County, Georgia.

Go ahead, count those points … 17!

According to Georgia Outdoor News, “The giant buck has 17 scorable points and posted a gross (total inches) score of 178 4/8.” Pike County resident Michael Selman had quite the story to tell:

“I got in the stand about an hour before daylight, and the wind was right for me to hunt that particular stand,” said Michael. “I didn’t see a thing—not a squirrel or anything—until about 8 o’clock.”

The buck walked out into a clearing and presented Michael with a perfect broadside shot as soon as he stepped out.

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“He came out of a creek bottom out into the clearcut by himself,” said Michael. “He stopped and presented me with a 150-yard shot. He went straight down right after I shot him.”

Michael and his friends who hunt on the same lease had hoped the deer would show up at some point. He had named the buck “Sawyer” because Michael’s son, Sawyer, had said he was going to kill the buck for his dad.

“As soon as I saw him, I knew that was him,” said Michael. “I put my binoculars on him and saw those kickers and knew that was him. We had started getting pictures of him back in July, but as soon as he shed his velvet, he was gone. We haven’t seen any sign of him until the day I spotted him.”

Michael says the hunt was one he will always remember.

“I’ve hunted out-of-state for many years and never even seen a deer this big,” said Michael. “I’m still on cloud nine. This is a hunt that I’ll never forget, for sure.”

If you’re not from Georgia, you might want to find a friend who is and make a trip down to Heard County to see if you can find one of these giant bucks for yourself.

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