Neighbors with Guns Help Detain Intruders

(Jeffersonville, Indiana) – Multiple residents in this Midwestern town came together to stop a criminal last week, highlighting the importance of being armed and alert even when at home.

According to the police, a homeowner on Hampton Dr. was checking his mail when 36-yr-old Antonio Hickerson approached him and asked to use the man’s phone. After declining, the homeowner returned to his home only to have the suspect follow him and start a physical altercation in the garage.


That’s when the homeowner drew his handgun and fired warning shots at the suspect. But rather than run away, the suspect got into a fight over the man’s handgun. Seeing this, the man’s neighbor rushed over to help. Being armed himself, he was able to detain the suspect as even more neighbors arrived on the scene.

When the police arrested Hickerson, they found the homeowner’s cell phone and keys in his pocket and transported him to the Clark County Jail.

According to Wave 3 News, neighbor Libby West said, “We have just a strong sense of community and we all really kind of look out for each other. This is a stranger who has never really been involved in our neighborhood before. Neighborhood watch really does work.”

Indeed it does.