Woman Shoots Intruder 4 Times in the Butt

(Spartanburg, SC) — A South Carolina man is no doubt in a lot of pain just hours after being shot four times in the butt by a woman whose home he was attempting to rob.

42-year-old Samuel Jeter of Spartanburg was spotted by a 24-year-old female resident of the home.  When she spotted him in the bathroom, he signaled for her to be quiet.

When she screamed, Jeter tackled her in an aggressive manner then insisted she give him money.

Moments later, according to the GoUpstate.com, Jeter said “where’s the money?”

At that point the young woman grabbed her purse, the gun inside, and after being urged on by her mother Katrina Walker, began firing at Jeter.

GoUpstate.com has the description from what happened:

While Walker tried to get to her purse, the daughter grabbed her gun and cocked it. That’s when the man began to run, she said.

“I was saying shoot, shoot, get him,” Walker said. “He fell to the ground to the right of the porch. He tried to take off running, but he lost one of his shoes so the K9s instantly had a scent. …Within a few minutes, the cops start yelling ’Stay down. Don’t move. Stay down.”

Later after police arrived, they were able to follow a blood trail, leading them to Jeter in behind the house of a neighbor a couple of doors down.

Criminals, gangster, and thugs should take note — tens of millions of Americans are armed.

There is a high chance that you will be fired upon by a homeowner exercising Second Amendment rights.

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