Good Samaritans Help Capture Fugitive

(Winchester, VA) – Three hard-working farmers had the story of a lifetime when they helped capture a dangerous fugitive.

The farmers, on edge about a large police presence in the area, were working early in the morning when they heard a disturbance in one of their fields.


The men joked that it could be the fugitive the police were looking for. One of the men grabbed his pistol to go see what the disturbance was and spotted the criminal running through the field he was working in.

After firing a warning shot, the farmer ordered the suspect on the ground at gun point, trying to hold him for the police.

The fugitive, despite being held at gun point, took off running and the farmers chased him down until the suspect locked himself inside a car. Police arrived soon thereafter and took the suspect into custody.

According to the Winchester Star newspaper, the local Sheriff had this to say about the men, “They made the conscious decision to detain the man and protect their property and their neighbors.” Charges are pending for the fugitive who is in custody thanks to three brave gun owners who stood their ground and protected their property.