Georgia: Man Shoots Burglar To Protect Wife / 3 Girls

Georgia — We have a new hero in Cherokee County, Georgia.  We just don’t know what his name is yet.

A husband and father of three girls protected his family early this morning after a burglar attempted to break in.

According to the AJC:

“The suspect, who was shot, was located outside the home by arriving deputies,” Kelley said.

The two youngest children were still in the bed when the burglar tried to break into the home through the basement, neighbor Billy Kennedy told Channel 2.

The homeowner caught up with him and shot the burglar halfway through the basement window.

The mother and oldest daughter ran to the neighbor’s home, Channel 2 reported.

The burglar was taken to the hospital in an unknown condition, Kelley said.

Thank goodness dad had the smarts to grab his gun and do what had to be done to protect his family/


Photo Credit: Steve Gehlback / Twitter