Bump Stocks BANNED in This State

Bowing to the verbal pressure from the left-wing media, Republican Lt. Governor Karyn Polito of Massachusetts signed into law the nation’s first “bump stock” ban.

Polito is serving as interim Governor for Governor Charlie Baker who is vacationing in California.

The “bump stock” ban signed into law by Polito bans any device which “mimics” fully automatic fire.   Anyone in violation of this law faces a minimum of 18 months in prison and a maximum of life in prison.

According to Fox News, Democrats and Republicans voted to ban “bump stocks”:

Democratic state Rep. David Linsky, one of the first in Massachusetts to call for outlawing the devices, said it would make the state safer while respecting the rights of gun owners.

“I am proud of my colleagues in the Legislature for continuing Massachusetts’ reputation as having among the safest and most effective gun laws in the nation,” he said.

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Despite the passage of this “bump stock” ban in Massachusetts, Second Amendment supporters defeated a similar proposal in Illinois in recent weeks.

Thanks to the grassroots pressure applied by Second Amendment supporter across the country, such efforts to pass a ban in in Congress have also failed so far, and the ATF seems uninterested in created a new regulation to ban “bump stocks”.

Just a few years back the Obama administration’s ATF made “bump stocks” legal, not a Republican administration.

To read more about what happening in Massachusetts, read here.