ESCAPED: Skull-Face Inmate Is On The Run

(San Joaquin County, CA) — Law enforcement in California report that skull-face tattooed Corey Hughes, 27, escaped from a work detail on Monday and is still on the loose.

This thug may be on the run for a bit, but he’s sure to run into some problems attempting to conceal his identity with that very recognizable face tattoo:.

According to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office:

SJSO NEWS: Today at approximately 1:30pm Sheriff’s work crew driver notified Sheriff Dispatch that inmate Corey Hughes (6/30/1990) was missing from his work crew.

The Inmate was last seen in the area of I-5 and Country Club. He was a sentenced inmate on a weapons charge and was housed in the Honor Farm with a release date of 2/6/18.

Sheriff’s Special Teams are working to return him back to our facility. If you see him please contact our dispatch at 209-468-4400.

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