Democrat: ‘Limitations’ of the Second Amendment

(Birmingham, Alabama) — In the wake of what has become one of the ugliest special elections in recent memory, the two candidates vying to replace former Senator Jeff Sessions couldn’t be further apart on the Second Amendment.

GOP nominee Roy Moore has been an outspoken defender of the Second Amendment, going so far as to display the revolver he carries daily when asked about his stance on gun rights.


Democratic nominee Doug Jones, however, recently talked about the ‘limitations’ of the Second Amendment.

While trying to reassure everyone that ‘he’s a hunter’(something gun owners nationwide know to be a pathetic campaign stunt,) Jones went on to describe his support for Diane Feinstein’s push to build a comprehensive database of gun owners via the NICS system.

Jones told the Alabama Reporter that:

The biggest issue, I think, that’s facing the Second Amendment right now is that we need to make sure we shore up the National Crime Information System, the NCIS system for background checks, to both keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but at the same time, cut down on error so that law-abiding citizens can get those.”

These are the same talking point that anti-gun candidates in swing or Republican seats have regurgitated for a decade now.

Gun owners are quickly becoming conditioned to see right through these moderate sounding quotes, knowing that if he’s elected, Jones will fall right into line with Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Diane Feinstein’s (D-CA) war on the Second Amendment.

If past election results are any indication of future elections, Doug Jones has a real problem on his hands.