Church Security Guard Exchanges Fire with Robber

(Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) – As members of a Myrtle Beach church were gathering for a weekend festival, they had little idea what was taking place in the parking lot.

That’s where — according to the police — the church security guard was approached by a man asking for change for a $20 bill. As the security guard reached for cash, the man pulled a pistol and threatened to shoot.

After giving the suspect his wallet, the security guard pulled a firearm when the suspect walked away.


Investigators state that the suspect immediately fired a shot at the security guard, but that his gun jammed just as the security guard opened fire with the weapon — striking the suspect multiple times.

The suspect fled the scene, and tried to pretend that he was the victim to the responding officers, but witnesses were able to lead them to the firearm that he had hidden.

No charges have been filed at this time.

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