Church Invites Congregation to Bring Firearms


Seeking to protect his church congregation from those who may wish to do them harm, Lighthouse Mexico Church of God Pastor Ronald Russell has invited all congregants to bring firearms to church on Sunday.

The Oswego County, New York church pastor has invited congregants to bring firearms since the Charleston shooting in 2015, but after what happened in Sulphur Springs, Texas just last week, Pastor Russell is seeking to reinforce the message.

Pastor Russell told Spectrum News that “times are changing”:

“It’s not the congregation, per se, but the leadership. People say ‘well, pastor, you’re talking about killing some,’ and I say ‘well, if I don’t protect my people, I’m being complicit.’ A shooting here, that’s not going to happen.”

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Before Sunday service this week, a sign out front of the church said this:

“We say it again, we are not a gun free zone”

After seeing the damage that one mad man with a gun could do to a church congregation, word is that thousands of churches across the country are either forming new, or strengthening their existing church security teams.

Many remember a decade ago when female security guard Jeanne Assam at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado fired at and killed 24-year-old gun man Matthew Murray who walked into the church lobby and began firing.

The Denver Post reported that Assam was the hero and had she not been there to fire back at the thug many more could have been injured or killed:

“I took cover. I identified myself. I engaged him. I took him down,” the 42-year-old former law officer and volunteer church security guard said Monday at a news conference in the Colorado Springs police station.

“I just said, ‘Holy Spirit, be with me.’ I wasn’t even shaking,” Assam said. “I give the credit to God. I say this very humbly. God was with me.”

You can read more about Pastor Russell’s church here.

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Photo provided by Spectrum News.