Biden: He Shouldn’t Be Carrying That Gun

Former Vice-President Joe Biden struck back hard against Sulphur Springs, Texas church hero Stephen Willeford, publicly stating that he didn’t believe Willeford should have even been allowed to own an AR-15:

“Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying.”

You may remember Willeford as the local resident who grabbed his AR-15 and engaged the church shooter just outside of the church, wounding him and forcing him to flee the scene.

Many attribute Willeford’s actions to potentially saving dozens of lives.

According to Breitbart, Biden was asked by someone in the audience during a Today Show interview what he thought of Willeford’s actions:

“How do you justify the Democrat view on gun control when the shooter was stopped by a man who was legally licensed to carry a gun?”

Biden: “Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying. I wrote the last serious gun control law that was written, it was law for 10 years. And it outlawed assault weapons and it outlawed weapons with magazines that had a whole lot of bullets, as you can kill a whole lot of people more quickly.”

Number two, it’s just rational to say certain people shouldn’t have guns. Now the fact that some people with guns are legally able to acquire a gun and they turn out to be crazy after the fact, that’s life. There’s nothing you can do about that.”

It’s been exhibited time and time again that a good guy with a gun is the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun.

Biden’s gun-grabbing history and his public statements are clear as day: he wants us disarmed.

Well, he might let us have a shotgun.

You might remember in 2013 he said all we needed to do to defend ourselves and our families was to go outside and fire a shotgun in the air to scare off someone who wished to do us harm.

Sorry, Joe.  We’ll keep our ARs.