Armed Woman Shoots Road Rage Attacker

Glendale, Arizona — Police in Arizona are reporting that a violent road rage came to an abrupt end when the victim shot her attacker.

Glendale Sgt. Scott Waite confirmed that a woman was cut off in the area of 67th and Olive Aves and followed the vehicle for a short time, and that a physical altercation took place near 59th Ave and Bell Road.

According to 3TV/CBS 5, that’s when the suspect left her vehicle, approached the other vehicle, and began striking the passenger of the vehicle. The driver exited her side of the car and told the suspect to leave, telling her that she was armed.

Seemingly unfazed, the suspect approached the driver and began to repeatedly punch her, and eventually placed her in a headlock. Fearing for her life, the woman shot the suspect in the stomach.

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Check out this video report:

The suspect was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive. Glendale PD made it clear that the woman who opened fire was not the aggressor in the situation.

According to KPNX TV:

“One of them broke the car window of another car pulled the lady out and they started fighting in the middle of the street,” a witness at the scene said. “One got on top of the other and the girl just pulled out a gun and shot her in the gut.”

But Glendale PD said there’s more to the story.

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Investigators say the woman who shot the other driver was not the aggressor. Glendale PD says she was in a headlock telling the other woman she had a gun and would shoot if she didn’t let her go. She didn’t, and the other woman fired ending the fight.

“If you’re going to use deadly force you have to either fear for your life or fear serious physical injury,” attorney Russ Richelsoph said, “so you have to fear basically you’re going to get broken bones, your life’s in danger or you’re going to die.”

Richelsoph said the woman may have a case for self-defense. If she was being choked or the other woman had a size or weight advantage — shooting her might have been justified.

“It comes down to a reasonable person standard. Would a reasonable person in this circumstance feel that their life was in danger?” Richelsoph said.

According to Glendale police, Good Samaritans provided medical help until officers arrived at the scene. The woman who was shot was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive.

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