Hero Dad Shoots Attackers, Stops Attempted Kidnapping!

(Oskaloosa County, Florida) – Police in Northwest Florida have four suspects in custody in what they believe was going to be a kidnapping and sexual assault of a 17-year-old woman.

The armed suspects hoped to stop the woman as she arrived home by putting debris in the driveway, but she drove around them and alerted her father once she was inside.


At the same time, the 51-year-old homeowner heard his dogs barking and saw his exterior motion sensor lights turning on, which prompted him to arm himself and investigate.

Upon seeing the armed suspects trying to force their way into his house to a garage door, the homeowner opened fire, sending all four suspects fleeing into the woods.

The suspects were detained a short time later during a felony car stop conducted by members of the Oskaloosa County Sheriff’s office.

According to a statement from the Sheriff’s office, the suspects had an elaborate plan which was only stopped by the armed homeowner.

Four teens armed with a knife, guns and a roll of tape planned to kidnap and rob members of a Baker family last night, but their plot didn’t go as planned and now all four are in custody. Inside their SUV deputies also found latex gloves, facial masks and dark clothing.

19-year old Keilon Johnson, 17-year old Austin French, 16-year old Tyree Johnson, and 15-year old Kamauri Horn are all facing charges of attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion/robbery.

The homeowner is facing no charges, as Florida is a Stand-Your-Ground law state.