600,000 Hunters Participate in 9-Day Season

Stan Kreidermacher, center, poses with “Mean Gene,” the 28-point record-setting deer he shot Dec. 13, 2014, in the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area near Elba, Minn. With him are nephews Layton, left, and Landon Kreidermacher, who are holding shed antlers they discovered in 2013 believed to be from the same deer. (Photo courtesy Stan Kreidermacher)

(Milwaukee, WI) — The 9-day deer season in the Badger State opened with a BANG recently, with over a half a million hunters spread out across the state.

In fact, according to the Chicago Tribune:

An estimated 600,000 hunters participated in opening weekend of the nine-day gun season in Wisconsin.


WTMJ4.com has an awesome report on residents from Wisconsin getting ready for the season:

“This is kind of like the kickoff to the season, because right after this we head out and get ready to go hunt,” said Dave Wagner.  

Wagner hunts with his son Bryan every year. He said the two will wake up around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning to make sure they’re in the woods by 4 a.m.  

“Hunting’s a big tradition here in Wisconsin. It has been for many years,” Wagner said. 

Some children are preparing to head out for a first-time hunt. 

Anthony Rodeghier, from Jackson, stopped in to buy a jacket for his 8-year old son “Little Anthony.”

The two are going hunting in Mayville on Saturday. 

“It’s going to be great to get him out there, you know? Get him out in the woods,” Rodeghier said. “We’ll see how long he lasts in the cold.” 


Ken Nowak, of Hartland, said he’ll be hunting with his daughters Ava and Sophia. 

Sophia shot a deer two years ago. But this weekend will be Ava’s first time participating in the gun deer hunt. 

“It’s incredible being able to share with them something I’ve loved for so many years,” said Ken, who’s been hunting since he was 12-year old.

“I’m looking forward to hopefully shooting a deer,” Ava said, “And also spending time with our Dad.”