Gabby Giffords Wants Your Muzzleloaders!


(Washington, DC) — Trying to squeeze as much political advantage as she possibly can after the Las Vegas shooting, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords has a new target: muzzleloaders.

In a recent report she published entitled “Lethal and Legal,” Giffords bemoaned the fact that muzzleloaders are often excused from many federal gun control laws due to their age and inefficiency.

Despite the fact that these are one-shot firearms that take a relative eternity to load and reload, Giffords is convinced that criminals will seek them out.

“These laws prohibit convicted felons and other dangerous people from possessing guns, require gun retailers to be licensed, and require licensed retailers to conduct background checks on purchasers. There is one blanket exception to these laws, however: the exception for antique firearms, including muzzleloaders.”

Giffords goes on to urge more regulations of these ancient firearms, which were cutting edge technology in the early 1700’s.

Gun rights activists have long said that the reason they oppose any gun control of any kind is because their opponents will never be satisfied.

Giffords’ silly claims about the dangers of muzzleloaders certainly back up that statement.

According to the Redwood County Historical Society, muzzle loaders have been used for centuries:

A muzzleloader is any firearm into which the projectile and usually the propellant charge is loaded from the muzzle of the gun (from the open end of the gun’s barrel).

This is distinct from the more popular modern designs of breech-loading firearms.

The term “muzzleloader” may also apply to the marksman who specializes in the shooting of muzzle loading firearms.


The term of art includes rifled muzzleloaders and smoothbore muzzleloaders.

Hand held rifles were well-developed by the 1740s.

A recognizable form of the muzzleloader is the Kentucky Rifle, which was actually developed in Pennsylvania.

The American Long rifle evolved from the German Jager rifle.

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