Phil Robertson Censored for Cleaning a Duck!

(Monroe, Lousiana) – World famous outdoorsman, Phil Robertson, father of the “Duck Dynasty” family, was recently “censored” on Facebook for a video he posted cleaning and preparing a duck.

Robertson spoke out this week on Facebook’s censor, saying:

“Are you sick of being told God’s name and your way of life need warning labels?”

According to the Christian Post, Facebook placed a label on Robertson’s video saying, “This video may show graphic violence or gore.”

Robertson responded forcefully, defending his way of life and that of millions of Americans:

“If liberals and Hollywood elites are going to pressure a network and advertisers to abandon me for saying something that is common sense as ‘You need to be a boy to be a Boy Scout,’ then I am going to go where they can’t silence me.  I have never been one to shut up.”

Phil Robertson is rolling a brand new show on CRTV in the coming days, at a cost of $99 a year.

The Christian Post reported that CRTV will be standing by Robertson all the way:

“Gaston Mooney, senior vp of CRTV, said he is proud to have Robertson on his team to share his values and spiritual views.”