Members of Elite Gun Squad Indicted for Stealing Guns

(Baltimore, MD) – Eight members of the Baltimore PD’s elite Gun Trace Task Force have been indicted on a variety of charges including racketeering, robbery, extortion and more, in the wake of shocking testimony from former officers.

Maryland is home to some of the most aggressive gun control laws on the books, and the Baltimore PD is widely known for its profiling of law abiding gun owners.

Designed to supposedly investigate gun crimes, former officer Momodu Gondo admitted under oath to stealing guns, cash, drugs, and more, in federal court last week.

Gondo admitted that the unit’s priority was on stealing guns, “Half the squad might be off, the other half working. If they got a gun, we all got paid.”

Gondo even described teaming up with known drug dealers to conduct home invasions, stating he chose drug dealers because:
“Home invasions were his [drug dealer’s] M.O. He had experience running into people’s homes to rob.”

The Baltimore Police Department is well known for targeting gun owners in the past.

In addition, their officers were recently captured on their own body cameras planting evidence at crime scenes.

The situation is so bad in Baltimore that the Department of Justice has launched their own corruption probe into the department.

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